The Send #2: Textures | Aussie classics | Bugaboos

The Send #2: Textures | Aussie classics | Bugaboos

Hi all, the rain in Sydney has kept us indoors the past couple weeks, but we've had some exciting steps towards our pilot prototypes. In this post we're talking about:

  • 3D printed textures
  • Australia's classic climbs
  • Future Route inspiration

3D printed textures

One of the advantages of 3D printing climbing hold moulds is that we can digitally create surface textures. This video shows a time lapse of a print, where we test out a range of different textures. We played around with conventional grain textures as well as some wackier things like scales. 


Australia's classic climbs

We've started nailing down some Aussie classics for our first pilot product. Check out a couple of these routes below and let us know what you think. Are there any other routes you'd like to see replicated at your gym?

  1. Milo and Kofi (V6R) at Frontline in Sydney: It's a nice overhung wall with some powerful crimps that our models have captured perfectly.
  2. Minute Man (V3): Heading down to the Grampians, it's a juggy 6m highball requiring some fun dynamic moves. 

Credit to Derekisastro for this awesome send.


Future route inspiration

Check out Mason Earle and Erik Leidecker's adventures into the Bugaboos from a few years back. There's some awesome features out there on the granite spires to be replicated!