#6: Holds on the wall | Heading back outdoors | PFC18

Holds on the wall!

We’ve mounted and tested a prototype route, Lindfield's, The Blank Wall!

The holds were shaped and positioned just like the outdoor counterpart, but we still found it pretty uncanny making the same balancy moves indoors.

The Blank Wall is a slab climb, so it’s been great for developing methods for pockets and crimps. For example, the use of dual textures has been crucial.

To create pockets we need to add volume away from the wall, without giving the climbing a new surface to pinch or stand on. By using rough textures for the rock and polished textures for the surrounds we can effectively do this.

Heading back outdoors

As we work to refine our holds, we're looking forward to replicating some more classic lines. We'll be producing an overhung route and a roof climb, this will give us exposure to different holds, such as slopers, jugs and pinches, and the sculpting skills required to go along with them.

We had some fun on our recon / climbing day over the weekend. Sloper Dan, a crowd favourite at the Balkans, and a roof climb at Killarney heights both provide a variety of holds. Let us know if you have any routes you think would be suitable for the next prototype.

Peter Farrell Cup

Twin Climbs were finalists in UNSW's Peter Farrell Cup pitching competition. Throughout the night we met some amazing people who will be able to provide invaluable business advice and ongoing support going foward.

It was great to see the excitement from people in the room about Twin Climbs and the climbing industry's future!