#7: Mini-Doco | Replica vs Real | Trials coming to you!


Last week saw the release of our mini-documentary giving a short overview of who we are, what we do and why we do it. If you’re looking to show Twin Climbs to your friends, this video is a great start. It’s available on the front page of the website or any of our social media.

Replica vs Real

We took our Blank Wall holds back to the real thing. These measurements and comparisons are an important step in validating our manufacturing process.

Comparing our polyurethane holds to the real rock, you could see the shapes were near identical. In the thumbnail below, the polyurethane hold has captured the small bumps and variations you see on the natural rock.

After achieving the desired detail of the holds and mounting them at an indoor gym, this has been a great validation exercise. These are both crucial elements to knowing we’ve got everything just right.

Trials coming to you!

We’re working hard to have the Blank Wall ready to trial in gyms across Australia early next year. We’re combining new processes with tried and tested manufacturing methods to not only recreate amazing outdoor routes, but create aesthetic and high quality climbing holds.

It will be in select gyms to start off, so if you want it in your gym or would like to be one of the first to climb it, get in contact with us!