#10: Blank Wall Update | Metal Holds | Launching

It's been a little while since you last heard from us, but we are close to having the Blank Wall holds moulded and cast, then sent out for our commercial launch!

The blank wall

In our last blog we introduced a new manufacturing process that allowed us to create larger and more versatile holds.

Since then we experienced some frustrating delays due to issues with a supplier, setting our initial time frames back.

Instead of dwelling on this, we've learnt valuable lessons in supply chain development, ensuring the people we deal with are the best at getting the processes done. Switching to new suppliers, we've got all the ingredients together to take a route from scans of a wall to fully usable holds in a short amount of time.

To manufacture the Blank Wall holds we are partnering with Composite X. As one of the largest global hold manufacturers, they are dedicated to innovating their processes and materials to provide the best quality holds. In replicating the Blank Wall we've developed a heap of new processes along the way, so it's only fitting that we team up with Composite X.


Shiny Hold jpg.jpg

Twin Climbs are producing a full set of metal climbing holds! We’ve been trialling metal at 9 Degrees Sydney over the past couple of months and people have been really enjoying the polished metal look. On this starting foothold on the right, the texture has been taking a beating, but the texture has held up amazingly!


We’re going to release a complete metal set of 24 using these versatile Crimp Line Blocker shapes from Unleashed Climbing. We’ll only be releasing a limited number of sets, so get in early and let us know now if you want your own set of these unique holds.


We’ve been selected to be part of the 2019 UNSW Founders Launch cohort. The program will equip us with the skills needed to plan and execute strategies for our first large-scale campaign.

We’re engineers at heart, so we love getting into the nitty gritty of perfecting the product, but these programs are invaluable for ensuring the marketing reflects the quality of the product.