#5: Our manufacturing process

Our Manufacturing Process

Our holds are shaped by nature but built by us. To do this, we combine traditional and advanced manufacturing methods.

We’ve recently added a bunch of information on these processes. This blog will give you a quick taste of some of that content, which you can access more of via the buttons below.


Photogrammetry is the use of photography to take measurements. We use it to accurately scan the 3D geometry of climbing holds and cliffs.

You can take a closer look at one of these scans via the interactive model below. Keep in mind we've had to reduce the model resolution to share these online, but they still give you a good feeling of what the scanning does.



We use SLA printing technology to build negative moulds for our climbing holds. Printing in layers as thing as a hair (0.025mm) lets us rebuild every lump, bump and edge from the outdoors.

These plastics are also strong! So we can climb direectly on them. This is great for testing prototypes and getting them just right before creating our final moulds.



Conventional methods let us economically create our final hold products, in high quality polyurethane material. Dyes also let us create holds in any colour needed.

You can see a few of our pearly prints, moulds and holds below.